About Coalition

UPC Polska with Academy for the Philanthropy of Development established Coalition for the Digital inclusion of the 50+ Generation M@turity in the net”. The aim of the project is to unite businesses, NGO’s, agencies and institutions to encourage older people to actively use the internet. 

Setting up the Coalition for the digital inclusion of the 50+ Generation “M@turity in the net”  outcomes from the fact that older people are using less Internet and new technologies, which can lead this generation to exclude from the world of modern communication. Organisation an initiative of the UPC Polska and Academy – aimed at activating in this field for those over 50 by promoting among them the  knowledge of modern technology and undertake joint initiatives to improve access and ability to use them.  The Coalition also intends to speak in public debates on matters relevant to the prevention of e-inclusion Poland and to initiate discussions on the subject. 

Today, the Internet is for many people a primary source of information, communication tool and the ability to participate fully in society. It’s hard to imagine our modern world without a mobile phone, computer or just Internet. Even harder is to realize that about 10 million Poles 50+ every day does not use new technologies. We want to change and make the new technology used widely also elderly people. We know that e-excluded causes of this social group are very complex, are both in themselves and in their neighborhood, in the field of system solutions. We are aware, that the change of the current situation requires a lot of long- term activities on very different levels.

To undertake at least some of these challenges, we decided to work together. We united forces with companies, NGOs and intuitions to engage in cooperation for the benefit of the digital inclusion of mature individuals.  

Therefore, on behalf of companies, organizations and institutions that we represent, we declare this cooperation within the Coalition of Digital Inclusion Generation 50+ “M@turity in the net” and we accept: 

The aim of the Coalition: The widespread use of new technologies by people aged 50+

Mission of the Coalition: Shaping the actions of members of the Coalition and its surroundings to inspire matured people and to create opportunities to obtain competence in the use of new technologies

Forms of Coalition actions:

  • Publicity the problem of e-exclusion
  • Elaboration, implementation and dissemination of solutions to help increase competence in the use of new technologies
  • Taking voice in matters of education and access to new technology in Poland
  • Undertaking the dialogue with other subjects, in particular with the government, local governments, businesses and NGO’s in the implementation of actions converging with the mission and purpose of the Coalition
  • Take other actions to improve access to modern technology


  • The Coalition is a voluntary, non commercial form of cooperation and exchange experience, of the subjects which create it
  • The Coalition associates companies, community organizations and public institutions that want to realize the aims and mission of the Coalition.
  • The Coalition has an open character for the new members of the Coalition
  • The Coalition operates transparently and inform the public about its activities 
  • The rules and procedures of the Coalition agreed effectiveness of the implementation of its aim, determine the members of the Coalition on the basis of partnership and the democratic principles of decision making
  • The Coalition is appointed for an indefinite period